The short

We are a team of programmers with a history of high experience in software and IT management. After collaborating with multiple software companies, where we delivered software in various fields and witnessed the implementation of dozens of customers, we decided to start our own company and serve the needs of custom software.

We are looking for the phrase "use the best technical solution in order to satisfy the specific request" and we are confident that the software can be made extraordinarily well.

"Do the right thing with the right tools" may seem like a cliché, but given that technology is used correctly, we know that software is built for optimization. Thus, optimization occurs not only in business processes, but also in the use of technology.

"Fast and reliable" means that the technology stack we choose is a low-level one with high-level impact and amazing results for end users. In a world where the emphasis is on speed of decision-making, the classic software tends to move slowly due to misuse and ignorance of those who make it.

"Understand how machines work" is a phrase forgotten in the modern age, where all eyes are on the hype of the not-so-trained and experienced community. Thus, we are confident that our almost 20 years of experience in the business software field will be able to deliver the right quality in the field.

The long

In the last 10 years, the technology market has evolved in terms of devices. If 20 years ago, computers were on an upward trend in the evolution of technology, now we are experiencing the same leap in the field of mobile phones. "Mobile first" has become a must-have (see our website -> did you notice that the menu is for mobile only?) And software applications need to be adapted to this environment.

Fortunately, the web provides us with an excellent environment for portability, and browser technology has evolved enough to support the most complex business requirements. Thus, we have the courage to say "Web first"! The future will consist exclusively of web applications that will serve the end user operations in the most flexible and easy to use ways.

Because this article is also a manifesto through which we present our company's vision and the values ​​of our team, we can further discuss what other principles and standards we use to make successful projects.

We embrace the Agile Manifesto (see that was created to value the methodology of working in software development:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

Sounds simple, doesn't it? We started with these values ​​which, in the end, lead to a fast delivery of projects and an increased quality of final services.

In the many software companies we worked for, we noticed the use of the same tools, without the option to change from project to project. We believe that each project and each client has its own specifics and the tools must be adapted, changed or simply unused. The working methodology is a constantly changing guideline and we use various frameworks such as SCRUM, CMMI, Extreme Programming and even Prototyping, where necessary.

Project management is the component that unites the technical team with the final product and represents the permanent link between the supplier and the customer. In fact, what sets us apart in the software market is the PM services we offer. All our Project Managers are technical people with client values.

We also belive in tools. Because we also make tools. Business tools for our customers. Thus, we use Azure DevOps for collaborative work in our internal development teams, where we involve developers, DevOps, PO, PM (yes, we have Project Managers!) And our clients. We are transparent with the development of the project so that we can immediately identify unforeseen situations and keep all actors informed.

All businesses have workflows. From cash flow, employment flow to complex operational flows (eg medical, manufacturing, banking, energy and others), businesses are constantly trying to optimize them. Consequently, we adopted the concept of "Workflow Driven Application". Our applications track the internal decision-making flows of the companies that use them and offer maximum flexibility in tracking, measuring and adapting them.

If you have reached this point and are interested in a wider discussion on this topic, please use our contact details and we will be glad to meet you.